Nutrition Vitamin AD3E Plus C Oral Solution

Short Description:

Each ml contains
Vitamin A 50000IU
Vitamin D3 25000IU
Vitamin E 20mg
Vitamin C 100mg

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1, Vitamin AD3EC is indicated to supplement animal feed diet, its high content of vitamin combined with the balance Amino Acids ensures rapid reversal of all conditions associated with deficiencies of vitamins and amino acids in the diet
2, Vitamin AD3EC ensures improve production , quick recovery from diseases caused by bacteria, fungi viral and from stress conditions due to transportation, vaccination, changes in diest as well as parasitic infections.
3, Vitamin AD3EC increases egg production, accelerate growth, enhance hatchability and fertility, improve shell quality.
4, It repair injured mucosa, stimulate antibody production for better immunity

For the poultry, higher demand during the hot reason, diseases, stress of vaccination, regrouping and transportation.
Calves, lambs:2-5ml/head
Swine: 3-6ml/head
Hens:10ml/2-3L of drinking water for 100hens
Broliers:10ml/2-3L of drinking water for 200-300 chickens.


In a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight

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