Toxi Free–mold inhibitor

Short Description:

Inhibite and kill mold,degrade toxins
Increase immunity and maintain intestinal health
Improve production performance

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Bacillus subtiliscfu/ml ≥1.0×105

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*Inhibite and kill mold,degrade toxinsThis product can decompose mold cell wall by producing chitinase, lysozyme and other enzymes through bacterial metabolism ,It suppresses and kills various molds in feed, animal bodies, and the environment, efficiently degrades fungal toxins, and reduces the occurrence of poisoning.  

*Increase immunity and maintain intestinal healthThis product has obvious immunosuction caused by moldy toxins ,adjust the intestinal micro-ecological balance, enhance the microbial barrier of the intestine, and promote the enhancement of the body’s immunity

*Improve production performance: This product can relieve the stunted development and decreased production performance caused by mycotoxin, promote weight gain in broiler, and increase egg production, fertilization, and hatching rates in layer poultry.

Dosage and Administration:

500ml per 1000 L of drinking water for 5-7 days

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