Nutrition Vitamin Liver Care Oral Solution

Short Description:

Each L contains
L-Carnitine 18gm
Sobitol 144gm
Choline chloride 72gm
Methionine 10gm
Vitamin E 5gm
Vitamin B2 5gm
Potassium chloride 10gm
Tween-80 125gm
Nicotinamide 50gm
Hydrochloric Acid 6ml

Product Detail

Product Tags

1, Improve digestion and metabolism of main feed nutrients especially fats.
2, Supports the natural detoxification function of the liver, lack of appotite, water belly ayndrome, hydropericardium
3, It can be used together with anticoccidials, antibiotics and antiparasities to minimize the possible damaging effects on the liver
4, For improving immunity ability and enhancing body resistance against diseases.
5, For improving, enhancing and recovering function of liver, bile.

Dosage and Adiministration
1ml per 4 liter of drinking water, it may be used for 10 consecutive days in high performing layers and breeders and fast growing Broliers


In a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

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