Participated in the 18th International Animal husbandry Exposition held in Changsha

Hebei Junyu pharmaceutical co., ltd attended the 18th international animal husbandry exposition held in Changsha on Sep.2020.
Junyu company has 20 years experience in poultry, veterinary, aqua medicine industry, which is the top 20 manufacturer in China, with certificated under ISO and GMP, The company has four research and development institutions, livestock, poultry, fisheries and herbal medicine research and development centers, with a number of engineers and advanced laboratories, there are 200kinds of products under 10 major production lines to serving the domestic and global customers with products of excellent quality, good cost performance. Like injection line, soluble power and premix line, oral solution line, disinfectant line and Chinese herb extract line and so on, all lines equipped with high tech machinery and strictly quality control.

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Products are widely sold and applied to various large and medium-sized livestock breeding enterprises, stable product quality and quality after-sales service by the enterprise praise. Our products are also exported to the international market, with our loyal customers in the Middle East and Africa.
In this exposition, we show the newest products made in traditional Chinese herb, which supply more healthy performance in immunopotentiator, except stability normal livestock and poultry medicine, these products will lead future target within a long time in improving immunity and growth.
Poultry medicines are our advantage in all sides. From resistance to germs to treatment of all types of diseases, and in nutrition supplement. The hot selling items like AD3E, Liver protector, Vitamin series, Amino acid, Tylosin, Iron Dextran, Oxytetracycline, Tilmicosin, Florfinical, Amoxicyline, Dexamethasone, Ivermictin and so on.
Our products are well received and well received by the market. In the processing of exposition, Engineers demonstrated on site the dissolving effect of our powder products, fast and without any residue.

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Post time: Mar-11-2021