Hebei Veterinary Immune Booster Industrial Technology Research Institute seted up

On November 15, 2020, Hebei Veterinary Immune Booster Industrial Technology Research Institute seted up successfully, based on Hebei Junyu pharmaceutical co., LTD, created together with Hebei northern college, liaocheng university, shijiazhuang McIntosh biological technology co., LTD. The opening ceremony held in Hebei junyu pharmaceutical co., ltd.
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The institute was established with the support of the local government, the help of its collaborators and the hard work of Junyu’s staff.
The institute is composed of four teams: scientific research guidance team, research and development team, achievement transformation team, and board members.They collaborate and support each other and work together to promote the development of animal immune-enhancing products.
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Mr. Liu, the general manager of Hebei junyu pharmaceutical in co., ltd said: animal immunity enhancement, in order to “service healthy breeding, dedication green animal protection” for the mission, especially in the field of health cultivation of immunity enhancement products, the “immunity to enhance product development and innovation” as the core content, at the same time, the health care system for development and innovation as the main means of character hebei junyu value-added services, focus on animal health, focused on efficient breeding.
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From now on, Hebei Veterinary Immune booster Industrial Technology Research Institute officially operated. The establishment of the research institute will effectively promote the technological progress and high-quality development of veterinary immune booster industry in Hebei Province.
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Enhance the technological innovation ability and market competitiveness of veterinary immune booster industry. Institute will integrate science and technology innovation resources, veterinary immune enhancer the whole industry chain to technology innovation, develop generic key technology innovation research and industry, carries on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, technical service for industry, to introduce talents cultivation, scientific and technological innovation activities to promote industry development strategy research, as well as upgrading of industrial structure, promote production, study and research, with the depth of the fusion and accelerate the innovation system of related industries in the province.

Post time: Mar-11-2021