Nutrition GREAT GROWTH WSP Vitamin Water Soluble Powder for Poultry

Short Description:

Vitamin A: 12,000,000 IU Vitamin D3:2, 500,000 IU
Vitamin E: 7,500mg Vitamin K3:5,000mg
Vitamin B6:2,500mg Vitamin B12:12. 5mg
Vitamin C:25,000mg Folic Acid:300mg
Methionine:10,000mg L-Lysine:32,000mg

Product Detail

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1. Growth Promotion
2. Improving Feed Conversion Rate
3. Preventing Diarrhea and Stress
4. Decreasing Stink
5. Improved Health in diseased condition
6. Establishment of Micro Flora in Gut
7. Reduces mortality when used in cases of mycotoxicosis alongwith toxin binders in feed.
8. Ensures poultry to receive vitamins in fully utilizable forms and inthe amounts needed for optimum health, productivity and product quality

Dosage and Administration:Feed: 1g/2kg of feed.
Drinking water: 1g/4L of drinking water.
In a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
Manufactured by:
Hebei Junyu Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd China

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